Kate should be the next Queen.

Kate should be the next Queen.

Can it really be ten years since we were all preparing to watch Kate Middleton marry Prince William? According to the bride’s Uncle Gary — who was at Westminster Abbey to witness her walking down the aisle and into the history books — it seems like yesterday.

‘Maybe royal years are like dog years, they whoosh by,’ quips Gary Goldsmith, younger brother of the Duchess of Cambridge’s mother Carole. ‘When you think about it, that was three children ago for Kate.

‘The ten years have been incredible for her. She’s taken to that job — and it is a job, her success comes from the fact she recognised that — like a duck to water, and emerged as the best thing that could have happened to the Royal Family. She’s their biggest asset at the moment. She was a breath of fresh air then and she hasn’t put a foot wrong since!

‘When you look at what happened with Meghan, you realise how easy it is to marry into that family and get it completely wrong.’

He gives a little laugh as he refers to ‘our Kate’ (by contrast, the Duchess of Sussex and her husband are ‘those muppets’).

‘Obviously I’m biased. I’m her uncle. I love her dearly and I’ve known her since the day she was born, but I genuinely think she’s an exceptional person doing a brilliant job, and recent events have only served to highlight that.’

In fact, if they put Uncle Gary in charge (which they won’t, but it’s a tantalising thought), the Duchess of Cambridge would quickly get a promotion. He believes it would be for the good of the country, and the Royal Family, for Catherine to be Queen sooner rather than later.

There is a point in our interview when we discuss the fast-becoming-iconic picture of his famous niece looking out of a car window on the day of Prince Philip’s funeral. Clad in black, with only her eyes visible, she looked more regal than the royals-by-birth.

She was also the one, on that day, who seemed determined to smooth over the cracks in the royal relationships, stepping in to speak to Prince Harry and then leaving the warring brothers to walk together. A class act, says her uncle.

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