New British hunter-killer submarine.

New British hunter-killer submarine.

New British hunter-killer submarine in final stage of build

Astute class submarine HMS Anson has been in the water for a number of weeks and is now in the final stages of construction and commissioning, say the Royal Navy.
The Royal Navy say that the final stages of the boat’s completion were complicated by the pandemic, which placed particular challenges and demands on the complex operation to lower the hunter-killer into the water.

After thorough testing and commissioning of some 40 critical systems, the crew are responsible for the boat’s watertight integrity during her time in Barrow as well as general safety aboard.

“HMS Anson was rolled out of her home for the past decade before being lowered into the water at BAE’s yard in Barrow during a delicate two-day operation. Now she’s conducting final testing and commissioning of systems, preparing for her first dive – submerging most of the boat in a special dry dock – ahead of leaving Cumbria next year and joining her four sisters in Faslane.”

Once afloat, the boat was ‘cold moved’ to Wet Dock Quay with the assistance of tugs for training leading to the next milestone, the trim dive. Readers should note that there’s a basin next to the Devonshire Hall not only large enough to accommodate her, but also to allow a practice dive which almost allows the boat to completely submerge. She isn’t goign to sea just yet.

HMS Anson was officially named in a ceremony at the BAE yard in Barrow-In-Furness in December last year.

More complex than the Space Shuttle – the bow section of HMS Anson is lit up at the naming ceremony

Anson’s first Commanding Officer, Commander David ‘Bing’ Crosby, said recently that it was now time for the ship’s company “to bring HMS Anson to life”.

“It will require all of us to work together to achieve this goal, but we are ready for the challenge – and we are determined to succeed.”

Her punch, say the Royal Navy, will be delivered by Tomahawk cruise missiles and the newly-upgraded Spearfish torpedoes being introduced to the Fleet from 2021.

Anson is due to remain in Barrow for completion until 2022 before leaving for sea trials and joining her older sisters at HMNB Clyde, while BAE finish the final two Astute-class boats: Agamemnon and Agincourt, completing the programme in 2025 after a quarter century of work on the entire programme, say the Royal Navy.

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